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Quik Fix Services & Repairs Macbooks and PC Computers in Tucson

Quik Fix in Tucson, AZ is #1 in ratings and reviews when it comes to servicing and repairing your Macbook or computer. We know how important your notebook is - especially if you are a student or business professional. That's why when you bring your computer to us for a repair, we give you the best pricing and turn around time in town.

In addition to our quik services, every Macbook repair we service provides you with a one year warranty on parts and labor from the time of the repair. Secondly, we only use premium grade parts on all of our repairs so you know that when you choose us, you are getting the best quality.

Let's put it this way. To us, you are family - and we're going to show you why with every repair you trust us with.

Macbook Repairs

We repair and service the following for Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs:

Macbook Screen Repairs

If you are in need of a Macbook Screen repair, bring your device to any of our three locations. Damages to your screen could include cracks, lines and discoloration, making it difficult for you to use your Macbook. Quik Fix uses 100% original parts and guarantees our services and work for up to one year. We have technicians on standby waiting to help you repair your screen! 

Macbook Battery Repairs

Battery issues? No problem! Because Macbook batteries are enclosed inside of the aluminum casing, they can be hard to get to and doing it yourself could result in damage to your computer which could cost thousands in the long run. At Quik Fix, the experts know how to take care of your Macbook Battery Repairs and get you back in action!

Macbook Charger Port Repairs

Another problem we see a lot when it comes to Apple Macbooks is the charger port. If you have had your device for a long time, it is possible that the charger port has become damaged or may even have dust lodged between the magnetic connectors. Bring it into Quik fix today and we will provide a free quote on the spot.

Computer & Notebook Repairs

We repair and service the following for computers and laptops.

Notebook Screen Repairs

Has your notebook screen been damaged? You might have cracks, lines or discoloration on your screen that can be fixed by our Quik Fix experts. You'll even be surprised at the reasonable prices we offer for Notebook Screen Repairs here at Quik Fix. Just give us a call so we can give you the most accurate quote and make sure we have the part you need. Then you can come in and get your Notebook Screen Repaired quik and be on your way!

Notebook Battery Repairs

If you've been using your notebook you might notice it doesn't seem to hold a charge anymore. Seems pointless to have a laptop if it always needs to be plugged in, right? At Quik Fix we are experts at Notebook Battery Repairs. This process can be complicated if you try it on your own, but at Quik Fix we guarantee to use high-quality parts and we'll guarantee your repair for up to a year after the replacement! If you're ready for your notebook battery repair give us a call today and we'll get you charged up and on your way!

Notebook Charger Port Repairs

Are you having trouble with your Notebook Charger Port? Often times the wear and tear of plugging and unplugging your Notebook can result in damaged parts. Furthermore, over time, lint and dust can build up in your Notebook Charger Port causing your computer to not charge correctly any longer. At Quik Fix, we have the solution! Bring your Notebook in and we'll diagnose it for free! Our experts know just what to look for and can even complete your Notebook Charger Port Repair right in the shop so you can get back to using your device. 

Apple Repair Tucson

Not only does Quik Fix repair Macbooks, we also provide repair services for the entire Apple lineup. While other companies may be unable to service all your devices, we have certified technicians on the spot ready to help you today.

Different devices we repair and service:

  • iPhone Repairs
  • Macbook Pro Repairs
  • Macbook Air Repairs
  • iMac Repairs

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Why Us?

Quik Fix Has over 1,000 five--star igh Ratings

We value our customers and it shows! Our customers give us high ratings in their reviews. Come on in and see why.

Quik Fix Has The Fastest Turn Around

We have fast turnaround for your repairs. 

Quik Fix Only Uses Quality Parts On Macbooks

We make it our commitment to provide customer satisfaction on quality repairs and sales.


“These guys are great! I won’t go to anyone else and I refer everyone I can. Cheap, quality work. My uncle is deaf and I work with individuals with autism. This business has always been so welcoming and willing to work with my clients and uncle! I don’t always see a lot of companies this open and willing to support no matter what barriers. For this alone I will always go to them!.”

H. Gal

“I decided to take my phone to Quick Fix because the customer service rep who answered the phone was personable and professional, giving the impression that this was a trustworthy operation. Vincent was friendly, professional, helpful, unhurried, yet expedient. He explained the technical aspects of my phone repair in simple, clear, accessible language and was non-condescending and informative. The store was clean, tidy, and pleasant. My phone is working great. Highly recommended.”

Charity W. 

“This place is amazing! They really go the extra mile to get the job done right with fast service and the best prices! They are always super helpful and friendly. Thanks for providing great service, guys!!”

Quik Fix

Tucson, Arizona

Quik Fix Phone repair aims to please with our 15 minute turn-around on most repairs, our unbeatable 1 year warranty, premium grade parts, and friendly fully certified staff. We believe in not only offering the highest quality parts, but building relationships with our customers to ensure proper communications that goes beyond providing just what is promised. We look forward to being YOUR #1 choice when it comes to your device repairs!

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