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If you are the owner of an Apple Macbook, you probably take incredibly good care of your computer. People who own Apple products generally pride themselves in their ownership and are extra vigilant in making sure that their computer remains in immaculate condition. However, no matter how careful you may be, things can always happen. Maybe you drop your computer and crack the screen or mess up the keyboard. Or maybe, heaven forbid, you spill coffee or water all over it and it no longer does what you need it to do and would function better as a doorstop at this point. If you have ever been in this position, you know how ridiculously high the cost of repair can be at the Apple Store. This probably would cause you to become incredibly stressed out as you try to figure out what you are going to do about your computer because you do not want to have to pay an arm and a leg to get your Macbook repaired. When things like this happen, you may find yourself wishing you had a cheaper alternative. The good news is, you actually do!

Fix Your Macbook at Quik Fix Phone Repair

If you live in the Tucson area and need your Macbook repaired and do not want to hand over your first born child to have it done, then you are in luck because you can get your computer fixed at Quik Fix Phone Repair for a fraction of the price. Maybe you think we are crazy, and you might be right, but we will fix your computer for next to nothing. We will get your Macbook working and you will not even have to refinance your home. If you find yourself in a bind and need to get your Macbook fixed for cheap, look no further than Quik Fix Phone Repair.

Tips to Make Your Macbook Last Longer

Even if you are getting a good deal on your Macbook repair, no one likes to deal with a broken computer. With that in mind, here are some tips and helpful recommendations to keep in mind so that you can make your Macbook last longer. Besides, as an owner of an Apple product, we know how important it is to you to keep your computer in immaculate condition.

  • Do not overload your drive: One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the care of your Apple computer is not putting too much on your hard drive. A good rule of thumb is to keep 5-10% free in order to keep it from running too slow. This will ensure that your computer is not working too hard and help it last longer as well as well as keeping you happy at how fast your computer is running.
  • Restore your laptop yearly: Of course, you will want to backup your computer first, but after you have done that, restoring your laptop will help it run like new. Just another simple task to help increase the longevity of your computer.
  • Do not leave your computer plugged in: It may seem like it is just easier to leave your computer plugged in all the time but this is actually bad for your battery and will wear it down. If you only plug your computer in when it is running low, you will help to ensure that your batter lasts for a long time and will keep you from needing to have it replaced.

Quik Fix Phone Repair is your source for all your computer, tablet and phone repair needs. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

Customer service is beyond amazing! Walked in and was greeted by Brandon with a smile very professional and knowledgeable fixed my daughters IPhone6s in minutes even explained why her LCD screen looked miscolored, will I come again? yes! But I’m hoping I don’t have too for a long time. 

-Crystal Esquivel

Brandon and Matt are awesome guys! I completely shattered my iPhone 6s and messed up my LCD and they took me right in and fixed my phone in a matter of minutes. Great service, great prices and a nice little spot! I recommend this place for everyone.

-Alexis Portea

Brandon was speedy fast and really nice. You can tell how devoted and talented he is with his work. I sat here and watched him change the screen right before my eyes. He did it really quick and at a great price. I’ll be adding some before and after pictures here pretty soon. Thanks a ton Brandon!-Eduardo C True to it’s name. Super convenient and quick! Came in and got the cracked screen on my iPhone fixed in less than 10 minutes! Great customer service as well. Way cheaper than the mall kiosks!!! Highly recommend this place to anyone who needs their device fixed.

-J Mo

If you are looking for affordable Macbook repair, come by and see us at either of our locations on Campbell Ave or Irvington Rd. We will assess the damage and perform any needed repairs in a timely manner and for a bargain price.  If you have any questions about Macbook repair of if you would like to know about any of the other services we offer, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon and taking care of all your computer, phone or tablet repair needs.

Most of us have an old phone lying in a drawer somewhere. With most companies upgrading phones every two to three years, we all have to do something with our old phones. Instead of letting that phone collect dust, what if you could do something great with it instead? Next time you think about tossing that phone in the garbage, try one of these innovative ideas. Don’t throw away your old phone! Do something with it! You might be surprised at the difference you can make with an old phone.

Cure Alzheimer’s Disease

If you have a smart phone taking up space, use it to help scientists at Stanford University study protein folding. With the information they gain, these innovative researchers hope to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, and several types of cancers. Just download this app and your phone will begin a protein folding simulation. Protein folding plays an important role in these deadly diseases, but the computing power required to simulate it is too great even for a single supercomputer. By recruiting the power of thousands of old smart phones and computers, the researchers are effectively creating the world’s largest supercomputer. Be a part of the cure just by running the software on your old phone. You’ll join more than 100,000 other devices. Each phone is one more step toward a cure.

Fix Your Car

Even an old smart phone has the technology to run diagnostic tests on your car, check error codes, and more. But no one wants to get their regular phone covered in grease. Install the Car Diagnostics Pro app on your old phone and connect it to your car with a wireless cable through your car’s Data Link Connector. If you’re not sure where to find that, check your owner’s manual. Once you know what’s wrong with your car, you can use the information to make an informed decision about whether to fix it yourself or take it to a mechanic. There are thousands of instructional videos online that will walk you through the process of many basic car fixes, so this one function could end up saving your thousands of dollars on car repairs and labor!

Save the Rainforest

According to Rainforest Connection, destroying tropical rainforests is a leading cause of climate change and mass extinction, and illegal activity is usually the cause. Fortunately, the cheapest, easiest way to fix it is to turn your old smart phone into a forest guardian. Using old phones to alert officials to illegal logging operations has already proven successful in Sumatra, and this company is ready to expand its protective operation in Indonesia, Africa, and the Amazon. Donate your phone, and this company will use it to monitor and protect the rainforest in one of these areas. To top it all off, your phone won’t take up space in your home anymore!

Get a Free Video Baby Monitor

We’ve come a long way from the audio-only baby monitors of the past. With apps like this one, you can take baby monitoring to the next level for maximum peace of mind. Use your old phone as the child device, and it will stream audio and video to your current phone. Need a nap for yourself? You can connect that old phone to multiple parent phones, so you can pass on the parenting duties to someone else while you get some much-needed rest. The app does everything that a commercial baby monitor would do, but keeps it all connected to your phone. And don’t worry, if you’re on the phone, the app will alert you if the baby is crying with a series of tones that don’t interrupt your phone call.

Start a New Hobby

With this inexpensive controller app, you can take photography to the next level. Control auto and manual focus, shutter speed, filters and more with this app. It’s especially great if you need a tripod and it’s essential that the camera doesn’t move. Take the step from amateur to professional photographer with this camera controller.

Protect Your Home

Set up your old phone in your house and install a home security app like this one to create your own security system. Protect your loved ones and keep your home secure with an old phone. The basic version of the app is free, but you can upgrade for 24-hour surveillance and cloud storage. It’s the perfect thing for making sure your home is safe whether you’re away on a trip or just out for a date night. Never worry about the safety of your home again and save thousands on a commercial security system with an old phone.

Make a Virtual Reality Headset

With this $5 kit, you can make your own virtual reality headset. It works with any old smart phone, and the unique lenses work with dozens of apps for an incredible virtual reality experience. Try it for yourself with your old smart phone! Stay on top of the latest technology with this amazing kit and your used phone.

With so many great uses for your old phone, there’s no reason to leave it stuffed in a drawer. And don’t toss it in the garbage, either! If nothing on this list appeals to you, donate it to charity. Contact us to learn more about great ways to use old phones, or to repair a broken phone before you buy a new one. Our work always comes with a 1-year warranty and incredible customer service. Let us help you with your phone today!

Screen cracks are extremely common smartphone repair issues since dropping a phone is such an easy thing to do. If you’ve dropped your phone and now have a cracked screen, you could do nothing or get it repaired. While phones often remain functional after suffering a cracked screen, using a phone chronically with a cracked screen could lead to problems. Here are some reasons why obtaining iPhone/Android phone repair for a cracked screen is your best bet.

Sharp Shards of Glass

Perhaps the most obvious concern with using a phone that has a cracked screen is that you can cut yourself on the glass. You have to exercise extra caution as you run your finger or thumb across the screen to use it, which is annoying and time-consuming. Shards of glass may also fall from the screen inside your purse, pocket, or bag, and you could cut yourself when you reach inside these places.

Cracks Worsen With Time

Cracks only get deeper, longer, and more numerous with time instead of better. Sooner or later, you’ll have to have the screen fixed, and the sooner you do, the least likely the phone is to experience internal damage from the cracks.

Damage From Glass Shards

Glass shards can damage the underlying LCD panel, which is a much more serious problem than broken surface glass. That’s why you won’t want to wait long after you crack the screen to have the phone repaired.

Eye Strain

Reading text on a broken glass screen is hard because you have to strain your eyes more. Text becomes distorted around the cracked area, and it takes longer to decipher the words. Reading text on a small smartphone screen is already enough strain on your eyes as it is, and you should protect your vision by getting a broken screen fixed as soon as possible.

Frustration Viewing Content

In addition to text, videos and pictures are more difficult to see with a cracked screen. You’ll have to scroll and change phone orientation to see a certain part of a picture clearly. This is time-consuming and just another frustration of using a phone with a cracked screen.

Abnormal Colors And Dead Spots

If the panel underneath the screen suffers damage, you may start to see odd colors. The screen may also lose functionality in certain places, and you’ll have dead spots that don’t respond to touch. If your cracked-screen phone has these issues, you should take it to get evaluated and repaired before the damage worsens.

Damage From Debris

When a phone’s screen cracks, its internal structures become exposed and vulnerable. Dirt, dust, oil from hands, and other debris can make their way into the cracks and damage the screen and underlying panel. You can’t even wipe your screen clean anymore with a damp cloth because water can seep in through those cracks. Bacteria may also start to grow in these cracks, which becomes a health concern.

Ruined Water Resistance

If you have a water-resistant phone, a cracked screen takes away this resistance. Some smartphone users buy water-resistant devices because they’re around water a lot. If this is your situation, you’ll want to repair a cracked screen right away to restore water resistance and prevent damage.

Increased Fragility

Once your screen cracks, your device becomes more vulnerable than it was before. If you drop it again, internal structures can shatter and render the phone unusable. Even if your phone still works after you drop it again, further screen cracks increase the chances that touch functionality will fade. If you aren’t in a position to buy a new phone, you should repair a cracked screen before the worst happens.

GPS Trouble

Trying to use a GPS app in the car with a cracked phone screen is really frustrating. Screen cracks distort those little lines on GPS maps, making you more likely to make driving mistakes. You’ll also spend longer glancing down at your phone trying to decipher distorted lines, and this is an obvious safety concern since you have your eyes off the road. If you use GPS a lot, you won’t want to wait to get your screen fixed.

Loss of Aesthetics

A phone with a cracked screen doesn’t look good. If you use your phone a lot at work, you’ll want it to look intact and undamaged. Even if you pride yourself on professionalism, people might still judge you as being careless or unprofessional if your phone is all cracked up. This is an even greater concern if you have to use your phone during job interviews.

Increased Repair Costs

If you wait to repair your screen, you’ll probably end up paying higher repair costs than you would pay if you didn’t wait. That’s because of all the problems that can happen as a result of using a phone with a cracked screen. While you may save money now by ignoring the cracks, you’ll pay for your decision in the long haul.

Turn to the professionals at Quick Fix Phone Repair for screen replacements. We’re highly experienced in replacing cracked screens on iPhones and many types of Android phones. We also work on tablets and iPods with cracked screens, and we offer a 1-year warranty on all our repairs. We can give you a free quote and repair the phone the same day you bring it to us. Please contact us or stop on by our store to find out more.

Approximately 90% of Americans own a mobile phone, with iPhone and Android devices dominating the cell phone market. For many of these Americans, their mobile phones are their only means of accessing the internet or communicating with family and customers, creating a culture of cell phone dependency. Our dependence upon our mobile devices is expected to continue to rise as our desire for convenience increases.

The Growing Need for iPhone and Android Phone Repair Services

As Americans become increasingly dependent upon their mobile devices, the need for prompt, high-quality iPhone/Android phone repair service is greater than ever. A damaged mobile phone or tablet is not only frustrating, but can be devastating to professionals who depend upon their cell phones to conduct business. With more than 9 in every 10 cell phone users depending upon an iPhone or Android phone, it is critical for cell phone repair companies to demonstrate efficiency when repairing iPhones and Android phones.

The Top 10 Qualities to Seek in a Mobile Phone Repair Service Provider

Not all cell phone repair companies are created equal. Your mobile phone is the key to your ability to communicate with friends, family and employers. As you evaluate potential mobile phone repair providers, you should look for a mobile phone repair company that possesses the following 10 qualities:

1) Speed of repair services provided. Speed is the most important criteria for consumers who are heavily dependent upon their iPhones and Android phones. Same day service is a top priority for the most dependable cell phone repair companies. Ideally, a repair company should strive to complete repairs within a matter of minutes after providing a diagnosis.

2) Ability to provide an accurate diagnosis quickly. Diagnostic accuracy is critical to the success of the cell phone repair process. Failure to properly diagnose a problem with your iPhone or Android phone can lead to unnecessary expense and ineffective repairs.

3) Experience with a wide range of repair services. A trusted cell phone repair provider should demonstrate competency with a comprehensive array of problems that affect iPhones and Android phones. Below are some of the key issues that repair providers should be prepared to address:

  • Battery repair and replacement
  • Replacement of broken LCDs
  • Evaluation and treatment of phones that have sustained water damage
  • Assistance unlocking phones
  • Repair of WiFi
  • Replacement of damaged back covers
  • Bluetooth repair
  • Repair of cameras
  • Replacement of damaged front glass


4) Affordability of services offered. Your mobile phone repair provider should provide superb quality at a fair price. The price of parts and labor should be clearly outlined in writing, and there should be no hidden costs. Additionally, your provider should offer a variety of payment options, including payment by cash, credit card or debit card.

5) Highly skilled repair technicians. When evaluating cell phone repair companies, you should seek a company with technicians who are skilled in the repair of iPhones and Android phones. In addition to industry experience, technicians should receive periodic training on the latest repair techniques and diagnostic tools.

6) Convenience of service. Convenience is a must for many business owners and working consumers who simply do not have time to drive to a cell phone repair store. Some providers offer onsite evaluation and repair of your iPhone or Android phone. This saves time and eliminates traffic hassles for consumers who cannot afford to leave their businesses or places of employment.

7) Quality of repair services provided. A reliable cell phone repair company provides speedy repairs without compromising the quality of service provided. Repairs should be completed neatly and thoroughly, and your phone should be returned in clean condition.

8) Customer accessibility and support. Whether you have an iPhone with a damaged cover or an Android phone with a defective camera, you deserve to receive professional customer service quickly. Leading repair providers recognize that cell phone troubles can strike at any time and offer extended store hours beyond the typical 9 to 5 schedule. The most committed providers offer accessibility by phone or email 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

9) Tools and parts required to perform repairs. One of the key differences between novice repair companies and experienced providers is a complete collection of repair tools and quick access to replacement parts. In addition to basic tools such as an array of screwdrivers, special scissors, and spudgers, your cell phone repair provider should have alcohol on hand to help restore water damaged phones. A healthy stock of replacement parts should include charging ports, glass, and screens for iPhones and Android phones.

10) Warranty offered for repair services. A warranty is the cornerstone of an effective cell phone repair campaign. Ideally, a warranty should be included at no additional charge with your iPhone or Android repair and should cover any subsequent services needed for one year. Before you remit payment for your repair services, make sure that your warranty terms are clearly outlined on your invoice.

Selecting the Best Mobile Phone Repair Service Provider

Very few mobile phone repair companies offer a comprehensive level of service that includes all ten of these key benefits. Fortunately for the residents of Tucson, Quik Fix iPhone Repair sets itself apart from the competition by providing all of the advantages outlined above. We invite you to contact us to find out why we are Tucson’s most trusted choice for mobile phone repair service. Your time is valuable, and we offer our customers an unprecedented level of convenience and expertise. We look forward to helping you with your mobile phone repair needs!

Having trouble deciding whether a Mac, PC or tablet is the best choice for you? The decision really comes down to what you plan to use it for.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared this brief guide that examines what people most often use their computers for, and how each stacks up within that category.

Getting Work Done

If you need a computer primarily for work, you can immediately narrow the choice down to either Mac or PC for most professions. Tablets simply struggle too much in terms of horsepower, available software/apps, and interface. Inherent issues such as typing lag and more limited internet browsing capability are a constant bother with many tablet models, and typing on a screen can never replace a proper keyboard. Once you add in the weight and bulk of carrying a keyboard dock around, the portability advantage of a tablet is greatly negated, and it also adds an extra point of failure in terms of the connector potentially breaking or Bluetooth ceasing to function for a variety of reasons.

Certain career fields do find a tablet more handy than a laptop, though. Artists drawing with a light pen, architects, and construction field workers, for example. In general, however, tablets are not well-suited for office work and anything involving typing or the creation of media. You’ll have to go to the extreme upper end of the tablet market just to start to get on par with the lower end of the laptop market, looking at devices such as the Surface Pro that cost as much as a very powerful laptop would.

As far as the Mac or PC choice goes for work, it’s mostly a personal preference call as they are about equally good. This choice will likely be influenced most heavily by what the people at your place of work tend to use. Windows emulation is decent on the Mac, but Mac emulation in Windows is virtually non-existent.


PCs are generally seen as the superior gaming platform since they have by far the greatest library. The knock against them has typically been that they were traditionally complicated and expensive to get into for the purpose of gaming, requiring you to build your own “gaming rig” and sometimes struggle with configuration settings and patches to get games running. There’s plenty of options now for buying high-end pre-assembled desktops or gaming laptops that work right out of the box, and digital distribution platforms like Steam and GOG have made getting games running much easier than it was in the past. Hands down, the PC is the only serious choice if you’re serious about gaming.

That doesn’t mean tablets shouldn’t be considered, however. Tablets have a robust lineup of mobile games that often aren’t available on the PC. Since they don’t have the same horsepower, these tend to be more retro-style titles. If you like social gaming and online cooperative or competitive multiplayer, however, there’s a strong case to go with a tablet. And though PC gaming has become simplified in recent years, tablet gaming is as bone-simple as it gets. Tablets have moved into the “easy to play” space that consoles ceded when they started requiring internet connections and large patches to get games to work. Tablets also double as excellent multimedia devices for movies and TV shows, reading and listening to music.

Mac, unfortunately, just doesn’t work for games. The platform has simply never been taken up as one for gaming by developers. The best you can hope for with a Mac is a handful of ports of titles that were first released on the PC, usually months to years later. Mac computers have many positive qualities, but they are absolutely the wrong choice for a dedicated gamer.

Flexibility / Customization

This is another category where the PC stands out as the clear best option. Macs and tablets are designed as “walled gardens” where it’s harder to screw technical stuff up and get viruses, but the price of that is giving up a lot of control and customization. PCs, on the other hand, can be broken down and built back up on a part-by-part basis.

This extends not to just the hardware and physical design, but the software. Mac and the mobile operating systems want you to only run software approved by a central marketplace. This has the advantage of making viruses much more rare, but also limits choice to a great degree. You have to be more pro-active about your security on a PC, but you also get a much greater range of software to choose from.


Tablets clearly win this war, but they do so by offering much less horsepower and flexibility in terms of software. PCs are typically less expensive than Macs, and can save you a lot of money when problems crop up or it is time to upgrade as it is easier to swap out parts rather than paying a high fixed fee at a “Genius Bar” or replacing the whole thing. Macs do generally deliver excellent build quality and a long life span for their price, however.

What Do The People Say?

According to the research firm Gartner, Android tablets are actually winning the popularity contest by far, with over a billion more units shipped in recent years than either Mac or Windows devices (though that number does include Android phones as well). Mac is slightly ahead of Windows in units shipped, at 297 million for 2015 versus 283 million for Windows. If you want to factor in Apple phones, however, then iOS and OS X are just behind Android at over a billion units worldwide.

Web browsing statistics do show that most internet users are still running Windows, however, indicating they are on a PC. And the Steam gaming service reports that about 95% of their users have been running Windows for the last few years.

As far as polls go, a 2012 survey by Business Insider found that older generations had a strong preference for tablets, but younger people opted for a computer over a tablet nine times out of ten. And a 2014 poll of office workers found that 41% preferred a laptop computer, 23% preferred a desktop, and 21% preferred a tablet.

Summing It Up

In summary, these are the relative pros and cons of each format:


  • Macs offer reliability, simplicity, security and quality, but usually at the highest price tag and without the ability to play the latest and greatest games.


  • Tablets are very easy to use for the non tech-inclined, have a good lineup of simpler social games, and are a wonderful budget choice if your needs are limited to multimedia and basic web browsing. They won’t be so good for most forms of serious work and have the lowest amount of horsepower and available software, however.


  • PCs offer the greatest flexibility and the best platform for gaming, as well as undercutting Mac significantly in price. However, they are more demanding of technical knowledge and are more vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks.


In need of mobile device repair? Contact us!

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